22 Years Old | Transsexuals | Singapore
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Sultry Smokey Courtesan

Hello there fellow horny men and boys who are up for a lusty good time. I am Ts Rose 22 years of age and piping fresh hot from the oven. Don't mistake my youth for an amateur because contrary to popular belief, age doesn't always come with experience my love. I can offer you from being a one night lover to your personal pornstar behind closed doors. I am worth every note you spend, you'll be begging for more after our first time. Standing at 169cm tall and 63kg in weight, I am the bombshell embodiment of elegance on the streets but wild in the sheets. By the end of the night, I'll be your new addiction. Think I'm all talk and no real action? Why not book me now and find put for yourself. Ask for my damage at

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